Did Triple H Take Steroids?

Some of the sports are highly regulated for the drug testing while some of the sports give an unfair advantage to the players due to less developed drug testing policy.

The steroid allegations are not a new part that comes to the wrestling, bodybuilding and other different sports.

The professional wrestling industry was also based on the looks. The more you are shredded and ripped, there are more chances to earn and reach the top of the business.

Here, we have the Triple H to review and to judge whether he uses the illegal drugs or achieve everything from the natural methods, hard workout, and the nutrition plans.

Triple H is one of the most charismatic and popular personality in the WWE.

Dianabol and Winstrol are two most popular steroids among celebrities for bulking and cutting.

One of the best Pros about wrestling it is not the professional sport and the focus of wrestling is just entertainment and they are only allowed take the hormone replacement therapy.

So, there are many wrestlers who are going to the HRT places and they can get their favorite anabolic drugs like HGH and the HCG and begins to use in the minimal dose.

These types of steroids practice are allowed in the wrestling so, they are allowed to go to the HRT places and can easily get the testosterone, HGH, and HCG.

Eating less and moving more are the basics of weight loss that lasts. For some people, prescription weight loss drugs may help.

According to the Triple H, You can get more help from the anabolic steroids if you are playing a role in the movies and that looks very aesthetic but, if you are playing in the wrestling so, there is no any chance to win the competition.

Who Is The Triple H?

The real name of the Triple H is Paul Michael Levesque. He had a background of the bodybuilding and he has started WWE in the year 1995 when he was only 26 years old.

Triple H AKA The Game has won the first WWE world title in the year 2010.He did not have a bigger and huge muscle even though he has a background in the bodybuilding.

After starting the career in the wrestling, he never gets too big.He has received many awards or achievements as the world heavyweight champion in the year 2002-2003.

Triple H has a passion of the bodybuilding and general fitness over the years.

The Triple H Nutritionist Dave Palumbo Stirs Up WWE Steroid Controversy:

When the question was asked to Triple H’s nutritionist Dave Palumbo on the Matt Rivera show so, the harmless discussions turns to the uncomfortable topic.

The question was asked to Palumbo and in the results, he has raised his eyebrows and he said that the WWE allows Human Growth Hormone, HCG, and testosterone replacement therapy that was banned by UFC.

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Palumbo did not clearly identify whether the Triple H was on the HGH or the HCG.

Dave Palumbo, the nutritionist on the Matt Rivera Show, Dave alleged the WWE star Triple H loved to use the anabolic steroids in a large dose.

The WWE Talent Wellness program is designed to prevent many wrestlers from the use of anabolic steroids in a large dose especially the Triple H.

But, this type of policy did not work efficiently to allow the participants for using anabolic steroids in a moderate range.

Does Triple H Really Take Help From The Anabolic Steroids?

You can justify the steroid allegations simply by looking at few systems in his body.

The steroid user has the various sign of anabolic steroid in their body like they have steroid gut, 3D or photoshop look of the arms, and increased vascularity in their body.

Triple H Athlete Statistics:

  • Weight of the body: 116kg (256 pounds)
  • Height of the body: 6’4’’
  • Triple H age: 49-years-old

Triple H has still maintained his physique at the age of 48 years old.

It is very hard to continue the life of bodybuilding in the aging because there may be a low testosterone level.

At the age of 47 years old, he has no sign of the steroid physically and others.

A man with a 6’4 height can gain the 205lbs naturally without taking help from the anabolic steroids.

There is a difference of almost 51lbs which cannot be achievable completely through a natural method.

There are many other factors are varied such as the anabolic steroids, workout training, and the nutrition.

Bloated Mid-Section:

Despite the statistics of the bodybuilder, we can get some idea from check out the physical evidence.

The steroid users usually have the bloated or blocky stomach. It is different from the steroid gut and the HGH gut.

The Human Growth Hormone can enlarge organs of the body but it may be fatal if you are increasing the dose than a recommended range.

The Transformation And Gain Timeline:

But, he looks very big and muscular after suffering from a knee injury in the year 1998.The peoples give credit to the diet and supplements of the Triple H.

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The doctors prescribe the medicines for improving the health condition and to treat the disease.

It’s not a big deal to use the anabolic steroids in the sports and the majority of players has to interact to steroids once in their life due to steroids.

If you focus on his gain timeline so, the transformation does not look natural. Triple H looks very bigger in the year 2002 after suffering from an injury.

The gaining timeline and transformation are one of the best ways to get the idea of the steroid status.

The natural one can take a longer period of time around 8 to 11 years for gaining the muscle mass, shredded excess fat, increased strength, and to achieve all of the goals.

The participants who are taking help from the drugs due to the treatment of diseases are usually not allowed to take part in the sports.

Triple H Talked About Steroid Use:

Triple H denied the use of anabolic steroid from his client. This conversation turns to the wellness policy

With this rapid change of the body, he has denied the use of steroid in the year 2002.

The Drug Testing Policy:

The WWE has implemented many policies like three-strike policy for those individuals who are failed in the drug tests.

There are many policies which are suspended in the WWE. There are several ways to cheat from the drug test such as stop taking the illegal drugs just prior to the drug testing.

Some of the federations in the bodybuilding has run or monitored the strict drug testing while the WWE is not very well developed for the drug testing.

There are many wrestlers who are died due to the overdose of anabolic steroids.

Triple H Nutrition:

The nutritionist of Triple H “Dave Palumbo”. The Dave Palumbo is better known to advise the ketogenic diet instead of using the steroids.

Phentermine and Pure Garcinia Extracts are two popular weight loss drugs worldwide for burn fat and cutting.

Wrestling is more common to burn out the calories.

The nutrition is including the proteins, fats, and the carbohydrates,

The sources of protein include chicken, fish, egg whites, turkey, potatoes, pasta, and the vegetables.

Triple H nutrition consists of six meals per day to boost up the metabolism and to cut down excess fat from the body.

The overall meal plan is free from any kind of junk food because these are not healthy for the health. It is better to take the fruits and vegetables.

The supplements may be the whey protein to build up the muscle and to recover. The Wrestlers have used the supplements to maintain their physiques.


Triple H Workout Training Routine
 The Workout Exercises Sets Reps
Exercise 1 Barbell Bench Press —– 3-5
Exercise 2 Band Pull-Apart —– 100 Total
Exercise 3 YTW Raise 4 Sets 15 Sec Reps
Exercise 4 Shoulder Shocker 3 Sets 10 Of Each Reps
Exercise 5A Barbell Biceps Curls 3 Sets 10 Reps
Exercise 5B Pushdown —– 100 Reps Total
Exercise 6 RKC Plank 3 Sets 5 Reps
Exercise 7 Adjustable Cable Machine, Resistance Band 3 Sets 15 Reps

Triple H Workout Routine:

The Triple H body is powerful and has improved the strength. He usually trains for the four days per week and his training consisted of two heavy workouts.


There is no any authentic proof whether he actually uses steroids or something going wrong.

Triple H had definitely made some changes in his career or lifestyle. He could have taken the help of Performance Enhancing Drug and the cutting steroids.

He has maintained his physique very well at the age of 47 years old.The principle of workout training over the years helped him to get in the best shape of his life.

The Triple H lifestyle is the best example for teaching the workout training and nutrition in the life.